Supporting the Vision of the 21st Century Workforce

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 21st century


“To Empower Our Next Workforce Generation to the Most Innovative”

“Through our partnership with community-based organizations, concerned citizens and corporate partners, we aim is to continue fueling youth engagement and raising awareness about the incredible young talent emerging from the East Bay.”    

Alameda County Supervisor Keith Carson

RESEARCH SHOWS that when caring adults take the time to develop and engage young people to fully participate in the workforce it can change their lives.

According to the article “Understanding Youth Development Principles and Practices” by Janis Whitlock released by ACT for Youth Upstate Center of Excellence, their youth development model strives to cultivate qualities and traits desirable in young people through the creation of environments that support their developing needs and capacities. Their youth development approach is founded on the belief that young people thrive when they are developmentally supported across all sectors of the community – school, youth serving agencies, faith organizations, community governance, business, juvenile justice system and more.”

Today, more than ever before, youth have the fortunate chance to participate in 21st century work force development programs such as those offered by Media Enterprise Alliance and United Roots and Youth Radio.  Through the medium of multimedia and journalism the young people involved in these programs are enriching themselves to become positive and fruitful citizens in their communities



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