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Hear from young media makers about their creativity, passions, and inspirations

21st century

Dashawn Clinton of United Roots began his venture into video production through his desire to be a musician.  At United Roots, Dashawn not only found an outlet for his creative gifts, but also gained the 21st-century skills of game design, graphic design and music production. Dashawn serves as the co-producer with the Determination Project and is film producer for “Determined to be a Father”. Currently, Dashawn is an intern with Adobe studying application design and plans to pursue a career in film or web design.
“I have learned to run my own business as a freelancing filmmaker, and have enhanced my leadership and communication skills as I pay it forward mentoring other youth at United Roots. After earning my degree, I want to open my own audio studio business.”

UR Youth & Bldf

MEA_Production MEA_Production-Control room

Nancy Tafoya –  Laney College Student / MEA intern

What made you want to do video production?

What made me want to do video production was my goal of creating movies, and TV shows, and animated pieces. I wanted to learn the skills and what it takes to achieve this goal.

How has working with this organization prepared you for a 21st-century job?

Working at MEA has definitely prepared me for a 21st century job. They give me a variety of tasks to perform whether it’s entering data into the system, learning how to use new equipment, making a lesson plan, and teaching students the skills they need to succeed in the film industry. These skills I’m gaining as a teachers assistant will definitely help me be more prepared for a 21st century job.

What is one of the best experiences that you have had working with the organization? Or describe a project that you felt excited to work on and why?

One of the best experiences I’ve had working at MEA was when I was a junior in high school and I had to do an internship, so I chose MEA because I wanted to be more involved and learn more about video production. It was exciting because I got to learn more than what was taught during the after school program. I learned how to transcribe and was able to go out and shoot and edit my own video which was aired on CCC Live.

What do you see yourself doing in the future with the skills you have learned?

In the future I see myself using these skills to teach others what I have learned. I also see myself using these skills at future jobs.


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